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Musical catharsis: how does a person experience music?
I recalled a curious episode: a colleague had to speak at continuing education courses for school teachers. Teachers ordered a topic more than a specific one - the algorithm of…

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Music-Education.ruVocal and singing 5 harmful and 5 useful products for the vocalist. Power Features and Voice Sounding
Nutrition plays a big role in the life and work of the vocalist. Sometimes the hoarse sound of a voice does not appear due to a sore throat, but with…

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Female voice mezzo-soprano. How to identify it when learning vocal skills
The voice of mezzo-soprano is rarely found in nature, but it has a very beautiful, rich and velvety sound. Finding a singer with such a voice is a great success…

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Music-Education.ruEducation by music How to teach a child to listen to music?

How to teach a child to listen to music? Parents ask such a question, looking at how their restless children run, play, dance. The culture of listening to music is not only that the child is immersed in the sounds of the melody, but also does so in a calm state (sitting in a chair, lying on the rug). How to teach a child to think while listening to music? WHY TEACH A CHILD PERCEPTION OF MUSIC? Emotionality, imagery of music develops a child’s memory and thinking, imagination and speech. It is important from an early age to include children’s songs, sing lullabies. Mental development of the child is impossible without the ability to listen and understand the musical language.

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How to instill a musical taste in a child?

Music is a reflection of the inner world of a person, and therefore, how different people are, the music in the modern world is so diverse. But in my opinion, true music can be called one that excites pure and sincere feelings in a person. The ability to choose from just hundreds of thousands of works just such music, filled with meaning and feelings, is called good musical taste. The presence of it in a person largely depends on the education of parents.

And if you are thinking about how to instill a good musical taste in your child, then this article is for you.

PRESCHOOL MUSICAL EDUCATION If you want your child to be a connoisseur of good music, start introducing the child to music during pregnancy. Scientists have proven that children perceive music while in their mother’s stomach – listen to your favorite music, folk tunes, jazz, classics, this will have a beneficial effect on your baby. The main thing is that there is no aggressive rhythm. E. Grieg “Song Solveig” – a song of a princess who is waiting for her prince … What could be more beautiful? A special aesthetic taste is formed in a child under three years of age, so it is very important to lay the foundations of musical education in this period. Continue reading


Wolfgang Mozart gave us not only his great music, but also opened for us (as Columbus opened the way to America) the path to the heights of musical excellence from unusually early childhood. The world does not yet know another such luminous music, who showed his talent at such an early age. Triumphal Prodigy. The phenomenon of bright children’s talent. Young Wolfgang sends us a signal from his 18th century: “Do not be afraid, my young friends, go ahead. Young years are not a barrier … I know that for sure. We young are capable of many things that adults don’t even know about. ” Mozart openly shares the secret of his phenomenal success: he found three golden keys that could open the way to the temple of Music. These keys are (1) heroic perseverance in achieving the goal, (2) skill and (3) the presence of a good pilot nearby, which will help to enter the world of music.

Mozart had such a pilot as his father *, an excellent musician and gifted teacher. About him, the boy respectfully said: “After God, only dad.” Wolfgang was an obedient son. The music teacher and your parents will show you the path to success. Follow their instructions and, perhaps, you will be able to overcome gravity … Continue reading

Education by music “Beethoven: the triumph and groans of a great era in music and the fate of a genius“

Ludwig van Beethoven was fourteen years younger than Mozart. We can say that they lived almost at the same time, breathed the air of one era. Why, then, did they think differently, and did their works sound in completely different languages? Wise teachers tell us that “talented music can reflect reality.” This means that ingenious composers capture in their works the main, epoch-making events of which they are contemporaries. Grandiose events are reflected not only in music. Most tangibly they are represented in painting and sculpture. For example, the brilliant Spanish artist Francisco Goya managed to very vividly and truly capture the bloody breath on canvas of his terrible era of the medieval Inquisition with its torture, the burning of heretics, and the humiliation of man. The Renaissance overcame obscurantism of the Middle Ages.

Exalted Man. I saw in him the highest value. Continue reading


Listen to the music of Rimsky-Korsakov. You won’t notice how you are transported into the world of Tales, magic, science fiction. “The Night Before Christmas”, “Golden Cockerel”, “Snegurochka” … These and many other works of the “Great Storyteller in Music” by Rimsky-Korsakov are imbued with a childhood dream of a fabulous life, of good and justice. The heroes of epics, legends, myths come from the realm of music to your dream world. With each new chord, the boundaries of the tale are pushed wider and wider. And, now, you are no longer in the music room. The walls have dissolved, and you are a participant in the battle with the sorcerer. And it depends only on your courage how the fabulous battle with evil ends! Victory of Good.

The composer dreamed about it. He wanted every person on Earth, all of Mankind, to become a pure, void-free creation of the Great SPACE. Rimsky-Korsakov believed that if a person learns to “look at the stars”, the world of people will become better, more perfect, kinder. Continue reading

Best author songs: from history
Today, many highbrowed aesthetes have divorced, who, having barely heard the singing under the guitar, grin squeamishly and displeasedly: they say, fi, some kind of author’s song! And they really…


How to develop a musical ear - for self-taught and not only!
Musical education, especially for adults, can be difficult if a person has insufficiently developed musical ear. That is why most music educators do not recommend ignoring solfeggio classes, the main…


Music-Education.ruVocal and singing Male and female singing voices
All singing voices are divided into female, male and children's. The main female voices are soprano, mezzo-soprano and contralto, and the most common male voices are tenor, baritone and bass.…


Music-Education.ruVocal and singing Male and female singing voices
All singing voices are divided into female, male and children's. The main female voices are soprano, mezzo-soprano and contralto, and the most common male voices are tenor, baritone and bass.…